Executive Committee

The CD established an Executive Committee with the primary role of ensuring that junior investigators receive the conceptual and technical support necessary to transition to full independence. Each committee member typically serves a 3-year term. The Executive Committee currently includes the Director (Dr. Donata Vercelli) and Drs. Nathan Cherrington (Center Director), Fernando Martinez (designated by the SWEHSC Director), and Jefferey Burgess (Co-Director, IHSFC). The Executive Committee meets at least quarterly and (i) reviews and approves the selection of new CD-supported investigators and investigator progress through annual interviews and progress reports; (ii) reviews and approves mentee/mentor pairing and mentoring plans to ensure the latter fulfill the CD mission; (iii) oversees scientific enrichment activities; (iv) evaluates the qualifications for faculty participation according to defined criteria and assess yearly faculty contribution for continued membership; and (v) addresses potential group and/or investigator concerns as they arise. The CD Executive Committee has moved aggressively and incisively to identify faculty at the early and mid-career level who are currently performing high-quality research in areas relevant to EH and who could be attracted to the SWEHSC CD, thereby becoming active players in EHS research. Our goal is to increase the stature of EHS research within UA and across the state.