Seminars 2015





Wuyan Lu
Host: J. Wang
University of Maryland D-Peptide Drug Discovery for Anticancer Therapy
Jason Yuan
Host: Y. Chen 
University of Arizona D-Peptide Drug Discovery for Anticancer Therapy
Jeff Laney
Host: Chapman
University of Arizona Role of the Ubiquitin Pathway in Cell Fate Changes During Development: Lessons form Yeast
Daniel Cook
Host: Chapman
USDA Poisonous Plants of Western North America
Kevin Welch
Host: Chapman
USDA Lupine-Induced Crooked Calf Disease: From the Rangelands to the Bedside
El Lecluyse
Host: Y. Chen
UNCHamner Institution Creating Next-Gen Models of Liver Disease for Translational & Biomedical Research
Jason Gestwicki
Host: Chapman
University of California, San Francisco Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions in the Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp70) Complex
Donna Zhang
Host: Maier
University of Arizona Molecular Mechanism of Nrf2 Activation by Arsenic and the Dual Role of Nrf2 in Arsenic Toxicity and Carcinogenicity
Noah Burns
Host: Chapman
Stanford University Catalytic Enantioselective Dihalogenation for the Synthesis of Polyhalogenated Natural Products
Eileen Dolan
Host: Cherrington
University of Chicago Pharmacogenomics of Chemotherapeutic Toxicity: Application of Stem Cell Technology 
Kevin Dalby
Host: Chapman, Lau
University of Texas at Austin MAPKS in Cancer: Exploring New Therapeutic Strategies
Charlene McQueen
Host: Lau
USEPA How Did My Liver Get Fat? Understanding the Etiology by Developing and Adverse Outcome Pathway Network for Fatty Liver Disease
Douglas Mitchell
Host: Chapman
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Genomics-Enabled Naural Product Discovery
Lois Lehman-McKeeman
Host: Chapman
Bristol Myers Squibb The Roads Less Traveled
Russell Thomas
Host: Y. Chen, T. Wang
USEPA Developing a Roadmap for Integrating Computational and In-Vitro Approaches in Risk-Based Chemical Safety Decisions
Tsui-Fen Chou
Host: Chapman, Monks
University of California, Los Angeles Using P97 Atpase Inhibitors to Develop Therapeutics Targeting the Ubiquitin and Autophagy Systems
Scott Saavedra
Host: Chapman
University of Arizona Poly(Lipid) Supramolecular Assemblies: Structure, Function, and Bioanalytical Applications
Jacob Schwartz
Host: Chapman
University of Arizona An RNA-Centric View of Neurodegenerative Disease
Cheryl Cropp
Host: Monks
University of Arizona, Phoenix Advancing Prostate Cancer Research in Health Disparate and World Populations Utilizing Unrelted and Family Data
05/19/15 Dr. John Essignman
Host: Chapman, Lau
MIT The Two-Edged Sword of Mutation: Form Genetic Disease to Innate Immunity
04/28/15 Chris Weihl
Host: Zhang, Chapman
Washington University in St. Louis VCP Function and Dysfunction in Protein Degradation and Disease
04/24/15 Greg Caporaso
Host: Vercelli
Northern Arizona University

Deciphering Microbial Diversity in Humans

04/22/15 David Ann
Host: Y. Chen
City of Hope From ASS1 Deficiency to Chromatophagy: A Translational Study
04/17/15 Susan Lynch
Host: Vercelli
University of California, San Francisco The Microbiome in Complex Lung Disease
Rain Maier/ Fernando Martinez
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona Microbiome: The Second Domestication
Yves Lussier
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona

Computational Approaches to Complex Diseases

03/27/15 Jil Tardiff
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona

Rare Variants: Modeling and Function

03/13/15 Carole Ober
Host: Vercelli
University of Chicago

Gene-Environment Interatcions

Ben Gerhardstein
Host: Maier
University of Arizona Serving Communities through ATSDR & SRP Collaboration
Johanna Heideker
Host: Chapman
Genentech Exploration of Deubiquitinases as Anticancer Targets
03/06/15 Mark Acosta
Host: Y. Chen
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals From Clinical Pharmacist to Medical Affairs- How an Advanced Degree Can Open Many Doors
Prescott Woodruff
Host: Vercelli
University of California, San Francisco Gene Expression Studies in Complex Lung Diseases
03/05/15 Kenneth B Adler
Host: Y. Chen, Garcia
North Carolina State University Peptide based therapeutics in lung disease
Erika von Mutius
Host: Vercelli
Ludwig-Maximilian's University Munich

Human farming studies and the microbiome

02/20/15 Walt Klimecki
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona

Environmental and genetic effects

02/17/15 Kwang Chul Kim
Host: Y. Chen
University of Arizona Role of Mucins in Respiratory Tract Inflammation
Linda Restifo
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona The spectrum of neurogenetic disease
Hendrik Leusch
Host: Zhang, Chapman
University of Florida
(Joint Department of Pharmacology/DDD Seminar)
Drug Discovery Inspired by Marine Natural Products
Stefano Guerra
Host: Vercelli
University of Arizona Biomarkers of complex diseases
02/04/15 Eric Harstad
Host: Cherrington
Genentech Identification and elimination of off-target cardiovascular risks in drug discovery: A case example from a small molecule research team
John Muraski
Host: Camenisch
Convoy Therapeutics 21st Century Drug Development: the SPACE Peptide Paradigm
Deborah Meyers
Host: Vercelli
Wake Forrest Life after GWAS
01/28/15 Mattew Dodson
Host: Zhang
University of Alabama The Role of glucose metabolism in Regulating Neuronal Autophagy
01/23/15 Donata Vercelli University of Arizona Epigenetics
01/20/15 Lisa Miller
Host: Y. Chen, Zhou
University of California, Davis
The Intersection of Environment and Immunity during Infancy: Lessons Learned from the Nonhuman Primate