Fluorescence microscopy

Replacing and discarding of Hg or Xe microscope bulbs

Users should be aware that when they need to replace a burned out microscope lamp, the old bulb can still be very hot!  It is always best to wait until the bulb has cooled before removing it.  Handling a hot bulb requires heat-resistant gloves and eye protection, especially since Mercury and Xenon bulbs can explode when hot. 

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Class announcement: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging

"This class (CMM 465/565) will teach students the fundamentals as well as advanced levels of the many modes of light microscopy (e.g. fluorescence, confocal and live cell imaging) required for today’s investigators in medical and other biological sciences."

Light Microscopes and Image Analysis Workstations

Light Microscope & image analysis workstations

Location: LSN 429 (see map)
Contact: Doug Cromey, 626-2824
Administration: Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Fees for use: Currently there are none.

Don’t mix immersion oils from different vendors

Be careful when reviewing your samples at high magnification on two different brands of microscope.  If you find that you need immersion oil to see fine details in your sample, please do not “mix” two different brands of immersion oil.  Vendors tell us that they have seen instances where the two different synthetic oils combine on the lens surface and form a sticky substance that&rsq

Light microscope objective lenses – Magnification is important, but so are NA and WD.

Many of us have looked though the eyepiece of a department store microscope and seen a fuzzy looking “something” with the highest magnification objective lens.  It’s not completely surprising that an inexpensive lens would give a blurry image.  There are many optical aberrations that need to be corrected to manufacture the expensive lenses that are used on research grade micros

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