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Digital Image Software

There are several popular commercial image editing software programs. Most of these programs were initially developed for the use of the desktop publishing (advertising), or amatuer/professional phtographers. The programs have many powerful features that are often completely unrelated to the needs of scientific users.

Bouin's Fixative

Bouin's solution is a popular fixative for embryonic studies and skin, due to its excellent preservation of nuclei and chromosomes. Bouin's is very compatible with the trichrome stain due to its mordanting effect on the tissue.

Formaldehyde fixatives

Information about 37% Formaldehyde

There is no definitive age after which 37% Formaldehyde is no longer useful as a stock solution. Formaldehyde chemistry is moderately complex, but after discussions with other microscopists, manufacturers and reviewing pertinent texts, the following observations are applicable.

Digital Imaging: Introduction


A digital image is usually a rectangular grid comprised of individual pixels (picture element or PEL). A good analogy might be a tile mosaic, with the smallest element in the mosaic being the individual tiles (each of which is one color or shade). Each pixel in a digital image has a bit-depth value, which informs the computer which color (or shade of gray)the pixel will display (the greater the bit-depth value, the more colors/grays to choose from). The combined effect of all the individually colored pixels creates the image.

Electron Microscopy


The Jerome J. Paulin Electron Microscopy Museum - Images of several vintage electron microscopes (and related equipment) from the University of Georgia.

Light Microscopy

Properties of Light & Introductory Optics

The Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer is a world-class microscopy web site from Florida State University (principal authors: Michael W. Davidson, FSU & Mortimer Abramowitz, Olympus America Inc.). They have an extensive series of tutorials on Light & Color. Direct links to their excellent tutorials are provided here for easy access:


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