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We are sorry if our move to Drupal (2012) happened to break a direct link to a favorite piece of content. Unfortunately, there were too many pages and forwards from previous servers (this is the third domain name for some of these pages) to set up specific redirects for every page.  Parts of this site have been online since Feb 1996.

If you look below, we used the names of pages from the previous html/css site, so that you can jump from here to the page that you were looking for. Please update your bookmarks or web page links.

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Microscopy & Imaging resources on the WWW

Microscopy Resources for K-12 Students & Educators

  • Educational Resources (On-line resources for K-12 teachers & students)
  • Image Galleries (Links to collections of beautiful images that use a number of microscopic imaging techniques.)

Microscopy Information and Resources for Academics & Professionals

  • Microscopy Resources (General information about professional societies, vendors, web resources and email discussion groups.)
  • Free Publications (Seven publications for professionals that cover microscopy & imaging from a variety of perspectives.)
  • Light Microscopy (Links to excellent resources that introduce concepts of light & optics, as well as how light microscopes work.)
  • Histology (Links to sample preparation protocols and staining techniques, immuno/histo/cyto-chemistry, collections of images of tissues prepared for histology and safety.)
  • Confocal Microscopy (Information about the history, confocal theory, principles and optics as well as a selection of general links.)
  • Fluorescence Techniques (Links with information about fluorescent dyes, antibodies and resources for sample preparation.)
  • Electron Microscopy (Information about history, principles, sample preparation techniques and www resources for TEM & SEM.)

Digital Imaging

  • Introduction (A look at the basics of what makes up a digital image, color and file formats, as well as a few links on human vision.)
  • Hardware (Retired page - included information about digital cameras, scanners and printers.)
  • Software (Links to resources for several commercial and freeware image editing programs.)
  • Digital Image Ethics (A short history of some of the issues that journalists have struggled with and twelve suggested guidelines for working with digital images.)

Online tutorials

(Be sure to read our Blog for new material)

PDF Handouts  

General - Basic Microscope Alignment, Light Microscopy Tips, Formaldehyde Fixatives

Digital Imaging - Digital Imaging Ethics, Potentially the most dangerous dialog box in Adobe Photoshop™, Using the Histogram Tool 

University of Arizona-specific Handouts - Contact information for affiliated imaging facilities, Light Microscope Vendors for Southern Arizona 

Zeiss LSM 510NLO-Meta specific handouts - Installing the Zeiss LSM Image Browser SoftwareThere are 5 things that can significantly affect the quality of images on the Zeiss 510.  Note:  we have retired this sintrument, if you'd liek these materials, contact Doug Cromey by email.



Cellular Imaging Facility Core - information 

(Most of these links are easily found using the menu found on the left hand side of every Cellular Imaging Facility Core page.)


As you can see, there were a lot of pages to move!  Now it's on to new projects.

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