Contribution of PCB exposure from fish consumption to total dioxin-like dietary exposure

Author Name: 
udd, N., Griffith, W. C. and Faustman, E. M.
Publication Date: 
Thursday, December 9, 2004
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Judd et al utilize their model created in 2003 to discover dioxins in Asian, Pacific Islanders and Native American groups, based from their diets of fish. A toxicology report of Columbia River, Willamette River, OR, Saginaw Bay, MI and the Ocean of the west coast of the US is shared. The implications of the study on diet and fish consumption are discussed and assumptions and limitations of the model are defended. The suggestions of the group is to create a fish advisory message inside the Emergency Broadcast System near affected areas and warn people to stay away during certain high level times. The study insists that it can use the model to find when PCB levels are too toxic to consume fish.