Countdown to Launch

Proposed launch date: not yet set; end of calendar year?

TTD - BioCom

  • Last import of "News and Events" was mid-July. Should we update the import?
  • Need to style display of News.
  • Need to style display of Events.
  • Need to fix thumbnails on Photo Galleries, e.g., Environmental Bootcamp 2015 Photo Gallery.
  • Revisit taxonomy - keep existing vocabularies? Attached to which content types? (SWEHSC Terms; People Terms; Cellular Imaging Terms)
  • Write documentation for editing, and for Biblio.
  • finish styling Directory pages (images for people on left too close to text of people on right)
  • add boilerplate verbage and grant number to footer

TTD - Clients

  • Decide how to organize and structure the Research content

Recently Completed

  • Build-out of Outreach section
  • Build-out of Administration section