An exploratory study of diabetes in a First Nation community with respect to serum concentrations of p,p'-DDE and PCBs and fish consumption

Author Name: 
Philibert, A., Schwartz, H. and Mergler, D.
Publication Date: 
Friday, January 9, 2009
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100 members of the Lookout Sioux of Northern Ontario were randomly chosen out of a larger pool of candidates. They answered surveys regarding their health in either English or their Oji-Cree. Participants are asked to provide information on socio-demographic characteristics, lifestyle, traditional food consumption (fish and wild game species) and medical history, including diabetes. Also serum samples were test for DDE and PCBs and statistically analyzed. Results are printed in the report. It is concluded that diabetes is problematic enough to recommend persons continue to eat contaminated fish as the fish provides such a protection against diabetes that it counterbalances the effect of PCBs. However more studies are requested.