Holistic risk-based environmental decision making: a Native perspective

Author Name: 
Arquette, M., Cole, M., Cook,
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 13, 2002
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This article makes the case that Native Canadian nations have become concerned with the health effects stemming from what they claim to be environmental factors. The Arquette et. Al. article reports that the Canadian and US governments are applying European ideals of health and lifestyles to people who do not necessarily value the same things and that they are woefully underserving citizens of these tribes by doing poor testing. It blames environmental damage done by the creation of a dam for the St. Lawrence river in 1950, for polluting fish, soil, water and air. Its effects as of 2002 were conclusive of some damage but how strong? Arquette Et. Al. proposes that we cannot know of certainty as testing was not done on claimants but on local animals. Indian claimants are complaining of health issues that were not identified on the animal testing. Arquette Et. Al. lines out some graphs that propose their solution for testing, regarding outcomes, goals, who how what and when, then proposes a holistic methodology that takes spirituality into account and its grave importance to Indian communities for health and happiness. Also models are created and given. The article could be interesting to anyone looking to do research on ways to improve their own health testing, environmental studies and data models.