Lung cancer in a nonsmoking underground uranium miner

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Mulloy, Karen B., James, David S., Mohs, Kim and Kornfeld, Mario.
Publication Date: 
Saturday, January 20, 2001
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Mulloy presents the case of a 72- year-old Navajo male who worked for 17 years as an underground uranium miner and who developed lung cancer 22 years after leaving the industry. His total occupational exposure to radon progeny was estimated at 506 working level months. The miner was a life-long nonsmoker and had no other significant occupational or environmental exposures. The patient was treated for conimtinity-acquired pneumonia and developed respiratory failure- requiring mechani- cal ventilation. Respirator)' failure worsened and the patient died 19 days after presenting. Malignant respiratory disease in uranitim miners may be from several occtipational exposures; for example, radon decay products, silica, and possihiy diesel exhaust are respiratory carcinogens that were commonly encountered.