Lesson Plans and Activities

  • Air Info Now - Making real-time air quality and interactive materials accessible to the public.
  • California Blackworms -Introduce the principles of toxicology with a lab activity involving exposing blackworms to a toxicant in varying concentrations.
  • Chemicals and Human Health - This interactive website covers toxicology, the effects of metals on kidneys, and the basic lung anatomy and function.
  • Cluster Busters - A game of disease mystery solving.
  • Lemons & Onions - A hands on lesson that helps students understand how to evaluate environmental health problems.
  • Naturally Occuring Pesticides - Students extract compounds from common plants or plant parts.
  • Race to Find the Cure - This activity simulates the extraction, identification, and separations of chemicals in or on plants using chromatography.
  • Tobacco Induced Mutations - Students expose bacteria to 4 different concentrations of tobacco extract and observe the dose-response mutagenic effect on the bacteria.