Uranium in drinking water: renal effects of long-term ingestion by an aboriginal community

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Zamora, M. L., Zielinski, J. M., Moodie, G. B., Falcomer, R. A., Hunt, W. C. and Capello, K.
Publication Date: 
Thursday, January 21, 2010
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The Zamora et al article tests urine samples from aborigines in a Canadian community that were discovered to be drinking uranium from their well water. In all, 54 individuals (12–73 years old) participated in the study. Correlation of uranium excreted in urine with bio-indicators at p ≤.05 indicated interference with the kidney’s reabsorptive function. Study statistics are included in the report. Women and Men are tested and separated to provide interesting contexts. The sample size was too low for major conclusions to be discovered, however the article does show that some radiation contamination had occurred. However, the bio-effects reported here are mild and represent a manifestation of subclinical toxicity that will not necessarily lead to overt illness or kidney failure.