. Use of lead isotope ratios to identify sources of lead exposure in Alaska Natives

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Patel, M. M., Adrianne, H., Jones, R., Jarrett, J., Berner, J. and Rubin, C. S.
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Friday, September 19, 2008
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A major culprit of Lead exposure in Alaskan natives is the use of lead buckshot in the hunting of birds and waterfowl, then the cooking of the lead or general lead exposure the buckshot adds to the bird. The use of lead shot is banned in America but this does not always prevent usage of the weapon. Isotopic profiles of blood lead in Alaskan Natives were compared to ‘IR profiles for lead mineral and ore from a smelter in Torreon, Mexico, a suspected source of origin for the lead.’ Conclusion: This would be an excellent study to read about lead poisoning and proving that lead shot could be harmful for meat hunting.