Dr. Paloma Beamer's research on dust featured in time & Environ. Sci. technol.

Dr. Paloma Beamer's research investigates indoor contaminants (dust) contributed by either the tracking in of contaminated soil or from the infiltration of airborne particulates.  She and her Public Health colleague, Dr. David Layton, have developed computer models to characterize the transport of soil and particulates into residences and their disposition once inside.  Among their findings from a study of households in the Midwest was that ambient air could account for nearly 60% of the As input to floor dust, with the remainder coming from the tracking in of soil. They did find that over 80% of the As bearing floor dust could be removed by cleaning.

  • Layton, D.W. & Beamer, P.I. (2009). Migration of contaminated soil and airborne particulates to indoor dust. Environmental Science Technology 43, 8199-8205 [PMID: 19924944].