About Activities


Toxic Detectives is a week long summer camp for middle school students that exposes them to the field of Toxicology and Environmental health. The goal of this summer camp is to give students the confidence to follow a science career path as well as providing hands on activity based learning.


The CEC offers a number of internship opportunities, for high school students, for undergraduates, and for graduate and professional students. The focus of these projects is improvement of environmental health literacy among the general public.


The SWEHSC has a strong commitment to assisting Tribal communities in their interest in science and concern for the health of their people and their environments. The Native perspective about science and the environment is incorporated into such projects. The commitment extends to promoting the importance of including community members and leaders in the design of the research, obtaining the data and in disseminating the results. The SWEHSC is also committed to providing community education, opportunities for Native children to be trained and to have an opportunity to be able to serve their own community.


Consists of outreach events to engage tribal communities in Arizona through hands on methods, as well as solutions and approaches of how to address the impact of environmental issues on human health.


The KEYS internship provides hands-on research opportunities to talented students from diverse backgrounds. By exposing them to all facets of science research at the University of Arizona, KEYS fosters knowledge, skills, and confidence and helps students define their degree and career goals. KEYS interns enroll with no tuition costs, in the University of Arizona during their summer break for a week of intensive laboratory and science literacy training, followed by six weeks in the laboratory of a renowned UA researcher. The program concludes with the KEYS Research Showcase, where students present their results to their families, UA scientists, and program sponsors. Previous KEYS interns report that the program has changed their lives and taught them that they are capable of making important contributions to science.