Epigenetic Analysis:

Analysis of epigenetic modifications are available using immunoprecipitation (ChIP-chip) as well as bisulfite sequencing. Recognizing the technical hurdles to performing robust ChIP-chip and ChIP-PCR analyses, the GFC has developed a complete service that includes the cell fixation and immunoprecipitation steps for preparation of samples. The GFC offers methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (Me-DIP) for the analysis of genome-wide changes in DNA methylation, as well as the analysis of the histone code including H3 acetylation and H3K27 methylation. By combining chromatin immunoprecipitation with microarrays (ChIP-chip) followed by Sequenom MassARRAY-based confirmation, the GFC offers investigators the ability to identify, confirm, and analyze epigenetic modifications associated with environmental exposures. The MassARRAY is a powerful tool for independent confirmation of epigenetic changes in DNA methylation, offering higher throughput and lower cost than bisulfite sequencing.