The major purposes of the Environmental Health Sciences Core Center Grants (P30) supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), (http://www.niehs.nih.gov are to:

  • enhance research by making technology and expertise available to all faculty members, staff, and students.
  • improve cost effectiveness of services, techniques, and instrumentation used by the member investigators. 

What is a Facility Core?

Facility Cores are one of the major components of federally funded center grants. The Facility Cores provide investigators with access to instrumentation and technical expertise that would be too expensive for an individual researcher to afford. Our funding (National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences) allows the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center to support a number of cores. Many of the SWEHSC's facility cores draw additional support from the Arizona Cancer Center or other University of Arizona centers of excellence.

The Facility Cores of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center are:

Cellular Imaging facility core
Light & fluroescence microscopy, image analysis, cytometry microscopy, and whole animal imaging

Genomics facility core
Understanding functional genetics through the use of microarray technologies

Integrated Health Sciences facility core
Faciliatating the translation fo academic research into breakthroughs that improve community well-being