Consultation & support

With decades of experience in microscopy and image analysis, the Cellular Imaging Core staff are available to support the research of SWEHSC members and their labs. Let us help you plan out an experiment from the very beginning, to come alongside to train and support your lab staff as they use key pieces of instrumentation, to assist with data analysis, as well as suggest appropriate image manipulations and text for your manuscripts or grant applications.

We are available to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns, or are happy to come by SWEHSC member labs for more informal consultation or support. Please contact us.

It is important that SWEHSC members remember to acknowledge the SWEHSC Center Grant (P30 ES006694) when publishing manuscripts or abstracts that utilized the services of the SWEHSC facility cores. UA Cores affiliated with Cellular Imaging include: UACC TACMASR (histology, IHC, confocal), UACC/ARL Flow Cytometry, ARL Imaging Cores (Marley & Life Sciences North – TEM, confocal, multiphoton, superresolution, widefield), COM Deconvolution, and the Image Analysis workstation in LSN.