UAHS - area map

  1. Center for Gamma Ray Imaging (Medical Imaging)
  2. VEVO Ultrasound System (ARL/Medical Imaging)
  3. Biological Magnetic Resonance Facility (ARL)
  4. Cytometry Shared Service (UACC/ARL), Cancer Imaging Shared Resource (UACC) includes microCT, Image Analysis, and bioluminesence, Tissue Acquisition/Cellular & Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (UACC) includes cancer biobanking, histology, immunohistochemistry, pathology, & confocal. (basement floorplan map)
  5. Imaging Cores - LSN (ARL) includes Biological TEM, Superresolution fluorescence, Widefield color & fluorescence microscope, Image Capture & Analysis Workstation (CMM/SWEHSC), Dr. Clark Lantz and Doug Cromey offices (4th floor - floorplan map)
  6. Deconvolution Fluorescence Microscope (COM) (3rd floor- floorplan map), Cytometry Shared Service (UACC/ARL) (2nd floor - floorplan map)
  7. BSRL (expected to open late 2017) - Future home of MRI, Ultrasound, Gamma Ray Imaging