College of Medicine & Life Sciences North - 4th floor map

  1. Imaging Cores - Life Sciences North (LSN 410) - Transmission Electron Microscopes, Superresolution fluorescence
  2. Imaging Cores - Life Sciences North (LSN 429B) - Leica DMI6000 widefield microscope (color brightfield, fluorescence), Olympus IMT-2 with image analysis software
  3. SWEHSC Cellular Imaging - Dr. Clark Lantz office (LSN 447)
  4. SWEHSC Cellular Imaging - Doug Cromey office (LSN 463)
  5. Electron Microscopy facility manager - Dr. Tony Day (LSN 455)
Note: Life Sciences North requires a pre-authorized CatCard to enter the building by door or elevator. The "bridge" from AHSC is open without special access requirements during regular business hours.