Main Campus - area map

  1. Imaging Cores - Marley (Arizona Research Labs) - Zeiss LSM880 inverted confocal, Zeiss LSM880 upright multiphoton with Airyscan, Zeiss Axiozoom 16 fluorescent stereo microscope (basement - floorplan map)
  2. Keck Center for Surface and Interface Imaging (Chemistry & Biochemistry) - 3i Spinning Disk Confocal, Atomic Force Microscopes (Agilent, Asylum Cypher ES, Bruker Dimension 3100, Bruker Multimode 8), FEI Inspec-S SEM, Nikon C1si Confocal, Nikon TIRF
  3. Imaging Cores - Kuiper (Arizona Research Labs) - FEI Helios DualBeam SEM/FIB with EDS, Hitachi HF5000 - 200KeV aberration corrected TEM with EDS & EELS, Hitachi S-3400N variable pressure SEM with EDS, Hitachi S-4800 FE-SEM with EDS, Renishaw Reflex Raman (Optical)

(Map updated 2018-08-10)