Genomics Facility Core

Single gene to full genome analyses are a cornerstone of modern biological research. Thus, the primary objective of the GFC is to provide Center members with informed, high quality, cost-efficient access to a full spectrum of these cornerstone technologies. One of the major strengths of the GFC lies in an excellent team of professionals with 20 years of expertise in the genomics field. As early adopters of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and functional genomics studies, the GFC has gained a broad portfolio of skills, ranging from the use of novel and cutting-edge methods to analyze low-input and degraded materials, to single-cell and other custom enrichment techniques. Through collaborations with both academic and private sector partners, the GFC has licensed annotation and reporting tools, such as the Ion Reporter Analytics Suite (Ion Torrent), to generate an added layer of information from the large data sets acquired using modern NGS techniques. The GFC works with SWEHSC members to enhance their functional genetics research productivity by providing services such as deep sequencing, mutation detection, epigenetics, microbiome analysis, gene expression profiling, and copy number analysis. By consolidating genomics resources from its supporting institutions [the SWEHSC and the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC)], the GFC offers cost-efficient genomic analyses and ready access to local expertise. In particular, the expertise of the Core’s Directors enables the GFC to provide genome-wide analysis of the epigenetic effects of environmental toxicants and NGS capabilities for gene expression, mutation, and microbiome analyses to support the vision and themes of the SWEHSC.

The GFC provides the following services (click to read more):


The GFC provides value to the scientific mission of the SWEHSC through a staff of experienced and engaged personnel who provide assistance in research applications, experimental design, and genome analysis. The GFC personnel leverages its research expertise on cornerstone technologies in order to provide SWEHSC membership local and ready access to cutting-edge genomic and epigenomic research tools. For example, the SWEHSC GFC is the only facility on the UA campus that offers microarray solutions to genomic questions and is the only Life Technologies-certified exome service provider in the State of Arizona.