Aikseng Ooi

Research Focus Group Membership: 
Research Focus Group 3
  • Ph.D: Biochemistry, University of Malaya
  • B.S: Biochemistry, University of Malaya
College Affiliations: 

College of Pharmacy

Research Interests: 

Molecular carcinogenesis; Mutation-driven transcriptional and metabolic reprogramming; Carcinogen-driven transcriptional and metabolic reprogramming; Computational biology.

Select Publications


Tao, S., S. Wang, S. Javad Moghaddam, A. Ooi, E. Chapman, P. K. Wong, and D. D. Zhang, "Oncogenic KRAS confers chemoresistance by upregulating NRF2.", Cancer Res, vol. 74, issue 24, pp. 7430-41, 2014 Dec 15. PubMed PMCID: PMC4268230  PMID: 25339352