Bernard Futscher

Facility Co-Leader
Genomics Facility Core Co-Director
Research Focus Group Membership: 
Research Focus Group 3

PhD, Pharmacology and Toxicology

College Affiliations: 

College of Pharmacy

Research Interests: 

Functional genomics; molecular biology of cancer; cancer pharmacology.

Environmental Health Research & Expertise: 

Dr. Futscher has been a critical addition to RFG1 and the SWEHSC as an expert in epigenetics. Dr. Futscher is providing epigenetic analyses in many collaborative studies including developmental toxicity studies (Lantz-RFG2 - lung; Camenisch-RFG1-heart), genetic susceptibility (Klimecki-RFG1), and bladder cancer(Gandolfi-RFG1). He has been included in the recently renewed Superfund Program and currently has an NCI/NIEHS grant on "epigenetic remodeling following arsenical exposure" with both Klimecki and Gandolfi as Co-Is. He has also been able to translate his studies to exposed populations using the IHSFC Core for recruiting and sampling. In addition, Dr. Futscher was the founding director of the Genomics Shared Service and is currently its Scientific Director.

Select Publications


Severson, P. L., L. Vrba, M. R. Stampfer, and B. W. Futscher, "Exome-wide mutation profile in benzo[a]pyrene-derived post-stasis and immortal human mammary epithelial cells.", Mutat Res Genet Toxicol Environ Mutagen, vol. 775-776, pp. 48-54, 2014 Dec. PubMed PMCID: PMC4250937  PMID: 25435355
Vorrink, S. U., P. L. Severson, M. V. Kulak, B. W. Futscher, and F. E. Domann, "Hypoxia perturbs aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling and CYP1A1 expression induced by PCB 126 in human skin and liver-derived cell lines.", Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, vol. 274, issue 3, pp. 408-16, 2014 Feb 1. PubMed PMCID: PMC3919493  PMID: 24355420
Clarke, J. D., P. Novak, A. D. Lake, P. Shipkova, N. Aranibar, D. Robertson, P. L. Severson, M. D. Reily, B. W. Futscher, L. D. Lehman-McKeeman, et al., "Characterization of hepatocellular carcinoma related genes and metabolites in human nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.", Dig Dis Sci, vol. 59, issue 2, pp. 365-74, 2014 Feb. PubMed PMCID: PMC3945102  PMID: 24048683
Garbe, J. C., L. Vrba, K. Sputova, L. Fuchs, P. Novak, A. R. Brothman, M. Jackson, K. Chin, M. A. LaBarge, G. Watts, et al., "Immortalization of normal human mammary epithelial cells in two steps by direct targeting of senescence barriers does not require gross genomic alterations.", Cell Cycle, vol. 13, issue 21, pp. 3423-35, 2014. PubMed PMCID: PMC4613853  PMID: 25485586


Severson, P. L., E. J. Tokar, L. Vrba, M. P. Waalkes, and B. W. Futscher, "Coordinate H3K9 and DNA methylation silencing of ZNFs in toxicant-induced malignant transformation.", Epigenetics, vol. 8, issue 10, pp. 1080-8, 2013 Oct. PubMed PMCID: PMC3891689  PMID: 23974009