Casey Romanoski

Research Focus Group Membership: 
Research Focus Group 3
  • Ph.D: Human Genetics, University of California
  • B.A: Science and Mathematics, University of Arizona
College Affiliations: 

College of Pharmacy
College of Medicine

Research Interests: 

To leverage the power of genetics to identify the the molecular drivers of phenotype differences between cell types and individuals.

Environmental Health Research & Expertise: 

Casey received her B.A. in 2004 from the Arizona International College at the University of Arizona where she concentrated in Math and Science. She then received her Ph.D. from UCLA in Human Genetics from the laboratory of Dr. Aldons (Jake) Lusis. In the Lusis Lab, Casey demonstrated that gene regulation in human endothelial cells is genetically and environmentally determined. She then completed her postdoctoral research at UCSD in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Glass. There, Casey used natural genetic variation between inbred mouse strains to demonstrate the hierarchical and collaborative nature of enhancer activity in gene regulation. Throughout her training, Casey became very interested in the interdependence between genetic sequence and molecular traits, which is the foundation of her ongoing research.

In 2016, Casey accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and BIO5 Fellow at the University of Arizona. Her research program uses experimental and computational approaches to better understand complex disease and human biology.