PROJECT CONSULT: The IHS Pathway to Project Support


Investigators requesting SWEHSC-subsidized IHS support, or general consultation for a proposed translational project, are asked to complete an online Project Assistance Form. Support requests are discussed at the weekly SWEHSC management meeting of the IHS Co-Directors, and are evaluated on established criteria.

Projects approved for subsidized assistance will proceed through a structured path called "Project Consult."

  1. Principal Investigators of approved projects meet with one of the IHS Co-Directors to discuss project details.  Our goal is to effectively match the expertise and IHS members needed to efficiently support the project. 
  2. IHFSC coordinator Ms. Herndon then schedules the first Project Consult meeting with the investigator and selected IHS members, typically including one member from the Statistics/Bioinformatics Resource, the Human Studies Resource and at least one member of the Center Integration Resource.  The objectives of this initial meeting are a more detailed research plan, a refined list of required IHS expertise, a rough timeline with project milestones, and a plan for additional Project Consult meetings to support the project.
  3. Ms. Herndon attends all Project Consult meetings and reports the current status of IHS-supported projects, with timeline adherence, to the SWEHSC management group as a regular agenda item at weekly meetings.


To request that a project be considered for subsidized support by the IHS, complete the Project Assistance Form (available here).

If you have questions about your project, IHS support, or this process you can contact IHS Co Directors Martinez, Billheimer, or Klimecki.

  • Fernando Martinez, MD  (520) 626-5954  click here to send an email
  • Dean Billheimer, Ph.D. (520) 626-9902 click here to send an email
  • Walt Klimecki, DVM, Ph.D. (520) 626-7470 5954  click here to send an email

Alternatively you can contact IHS coordinator Ms. Susanna Herndon, (520) 626-5594, or click here to send her an email.