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The Jerome J. Paulin Electron Microscopy Museum - Images of several vintage electron microscopes (and related equipment) from the University of Georgia.

John H.L. Watson's recollections - Very early transmission electron microscopy in the department of physics, University of Toronto. The author's personal recollections of that time.

Early History and Development of the Scanning Electron Microscope - Author: Bernie C Breton CUED, Cambridge University, Engineering Department, Scientific Imaging Group. See also an article on Charles Oatley, "Pioneer of scanning electron microscopy" on the same server (author: KCA Smith).

3 Million Volt Electron Microscope - This impressive feat of engineering was built in the mid-1990s at Osaka University, Japan. Other large electron microscopes can be seen at:

General Electron Microscopy Information

Glossary of Electron Microscopy Terms - From the University of Nebraska (Lincoln).

Transmission Electron Microscopy - An extensive web-based course from the Electron Microscopy Outreach Program at the University of California at San Diego.

TEM Basics - An online textbook, based on Transmission Electron Microscopy - Basics by D.B.Williams and C.B.Carter, for a couse at the University of Liverpool, UK.

Resources from EM vendors

Other Scanning Electron microscopy information

ESEM & Poor Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope Users Resource Page - This web site brings together resources for users of Environmental/Poor Vacuum/Lousy Vacuum/Nature type SEMs.

Electron Probe technique & Instrumentation - A brief introduction to the analysis of x-rays with an SEM (University of Oregon)


Electron Microscopy Technique

EM preparatory technique web sites

Immuno-EM, Gold & Silver enhancement

Diamond Knife Handling

Other Vendor's technical information

Search the MSA listserv archives - The Microscopy Society of America's email discussion group now has a searchable archive. Use it to find out if your question has already been answered.


WWW Resources for Electron Microscopy

Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis on the Internet - This very extensive site from MicroWorld Resources is (in their own words): "An annotated listing of the best WWW sites."

WWW-Virtual Library in Microscopy - An exhaustive resource that covers all types of microscopy. (University of Oklahoma)

Other Noteworthy sites:


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