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Fluorescent Dyes

Fluorescence Glossary
A list of terms and definitions relevant to fluorescence and optical filters (courtesy of Omega Optical).
Zeiss Fluorescence Database
An on-line database (Carl Zeiss Inc) of fluorescent dyes. Other lists with information about fluorochrome characteristics include: an extensive database of single and 2-photon dye spectra assembled here at the University of Arizona (Utzinger & Boswell), the online spectra viewer available from Life Technologies/Invitrogen/Molecular Probes about their dyes, and the Olympus Microscopy Resource Center.

Antibodies and Related Techniques

Antibody Resource Page
This site is a "a multidisciplinary resource on antibodies for both novices and experts."  There are: Educational Resources, Online Databases and software, and much more. Other related resources include: the Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopedia and the Protein Kinase Resource.
Immunohistochemistry resources
The Immunohistochemistry page

IHC World Learning Center

Immunohistochemistry Resources (FHCRC)
Technical information from Jackson ImmunoResearch Labs:
The technical center includes information on: Common causes of background from secondary antibodies alone, Possible causes of weak signals from labeled secondary antibodies assuming that antigens are present and primary antibodies are working, and Precaution before choosing a mounting medium for Cy2, Cy3, and Cy5 conjugates.
Green Fluorescent Protein Applications Page:
Green Fluorescent Protein comes from the jellyfish Aequoria victoria and is used in a variety of research applications. This site has many useful GFP application links.  See also these resources from Carl Zeiss Inc and Nikon.
Immuno-gold can be useful when using a confocal in reflectance mode. Information about immuno-gold reagents can be found at Nanoprobes, Inc.

Sample Preparation Resources

Antifade mounting media
Archives of the Confocal Listserver
This searchable archive of the confocal listserver can be an invaluable place to see if a question that you have has already been answered.
Miscellaneous Other Resources:
Fluorescence Microscopy (Sabine Berg, Botanical Institute, University of Kiel, Germany)
Fluorescence Microscopy (Protocols Online)
Cell Biological Applications of Fluorescence Microscopy (Stephen Rogers, ITG Group, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois)


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