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There are many on-line collections of images taken with a microscope. It would be impossible to collect them all, but the links in this table provide a cross section of different imaging modes and subjects. Some sites now include videos of time-lapse or 3D rotations.

Please be respectful of the copyrights of the image owners if you choose to use any of these images.


Image Gallery Web Site
Types of Specimens
Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy single celled organisms, bugs, viruses, plants, cells, etc.


beautiful colorized images
Microangela's Electron Microscope Image gallery single celled organisms, bugs, cells, marine life, etc.


beautiful colorized images
SharfPhoto - David Scharf cells, materials, fungi, semiconductors, insects, etc .

beautiful colorized images
Cells Alive!
Crystals Alive!
bacteria, cells
organic crystals


beautiful colorized images
The Galleria, Molecular Expressions, Florida State Univ.

computer chips, organic crystals, wood, food, etc.

Nikon's Small World Gallery biological, materials


Olympus - list of galleries biological, materials, insects, pond life (videos)

Leica Microimaging - confocal gallery cells & tissues


High-resolution and Superresolution Image Gallery, Applied Precision

cells, tissues


Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley snowflakes


Imaging Technology Group Gallery, Beckman Inst., Univ. of Illinois cells, bugs, materials, etc.


Great Lakes Diatoms,
Center for Great Lakes and Aquatic Sciences, University of Michigan
Diatom collection, California Academy of Science


Biomedical Image Awards (Wellcome Trust) cells & tissues



BIODIC - The Ultrastructures Gallery plants, cell, fungi



BGSU - Algae Image Lab algae


Biological movies cells, plants, organisms, Ca+ imaging



BUGscope Gallery bugs


Foods Under the Microscope food


California Criminalistics Institute pollen


Image Gallery, Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Princeton Univ. cells



CSUPERB Confocal Web Site cells, tissues


Molecular Probes (Invitrogen) Gallery cells, tissues


Purdue Cytometry CDs #1, #2, and #3 Images cells, tissues


Cytogenetics Image Gallery, Univ. of Washington chromosomes


MicScape: Introduction to Microscopy
Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic art forms
Microscopy Movies

insects, plants, pond life, marine life

Image Gallery, Light Microscopy Forum protozoa, rotifers, etc.

The Ugly Bug page (Oklahoma Microscopy Society) insects



Journal of Visualized Experiments (sort of a biological sciences YouTube) movies of cells and tissues

The Paper Project - Arizona State University handmade papers






Other sites

For lists of other sites with images, consider visiting:



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