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first full week of October: next meeting

10-Sept-2015: Meeting (Marti, Juli, Doug, Margrit, Paul) to review sites and set priorities for what still needs to happen.

2-Sept-2015: Finished file uploads for "Environmental Health Files"

7-August-2015: All 202 nodes of type "Environmental Health File" have been imported. Margrit is working with Dirk Timmerman to get the pdfs moved over.  Publication display updated.  Footer updated with logos.

6-August-2015: Paul and Margrit met with Marti, Susie, Doug, and (via phone) Juli to hammer out some issues.

4-August-2015: Faculty page layouts and directory

22-24 July-2015:  Home page set up and theme work

22-July-2015: set up top menu links; imported some images manually.

16-July-2015: Imported more of each content type. See list below.

2- to 7-July-2015: Imported ten nodes of each content type (news/events, env health files, faculty, funded projects images, page, rfg research highlights). Still need to resolve some multivalue field issues, and also the private files in the env. health files content type.


  • Taxonomy transferred. Some of this will be in use only temporarily, to help sort and categorize content.
  • Content type set up for News & Events
  • Feeds importers for Page and News & Events set up and imported 10 of each, including path alias.

29-June-2015 -- new Drupal 7 site set up with modules, libraries, and CAS access.

Content types being replicated here: (imports may need to have multivalue fields adjusted)

  • News Events & Other Activities (253 nodes on the legacy site) - 50 imported as of 16-July-2015
  • Env. health Files (202 nodes on the legacy site) - all 202 imported as of 7-Aug-2015. Files have been attached.
  • Faculty Content (55 nodes on the legacy site) - all 55 imported as of 16-July-2015 but need to explode the multivalue job titles field.
  • Funded Projects (27 nodes on the legacy site) - all 27 imported as of 16-July-2015
  • Image (147 nodes on the legacy site) - all 147 imported as of 16-July-2015
  • Page (252 nodes on legacy site) - 235 imported as of 4-Aug-2015
  • RFG Research Highlights (33 nodes on the legacy site) - all 33 imported as of 16-July-2015

Content types that are NOT being replicated here:

  • Unknown Node Type (orphaned nodes whose content type was deleted) - 13 nodes
  • Blog entry - 6 nodes
  • Book page - 1 node
  • date_time - 1 node
  • Faculty & Key Personnel Profiles - 1 node
  • Equipment - 1 node
  • Facility - 1 node
  • File Upload - 9 nodes
  • Page With Media - 1 node
  • Panel - 12 nodes
  • Publications - 3 nodes
  • Sheetnode - 2 nodes
  • Webform - 22 nodes

Please see the Administrative List of Content on the Legacy site for details.