Outreach Advisory Boards

The SWEHSC COEC pursues initiatives that are both a logical outgrowth of the scientific focus of the SWEHSC and an outgrowth of questions posed by community members and groups. The goals and objectives of the COEC are established by collaborative interactions and in discussion with the SAB, the COEC Director and staff, and the Management Team of the Center.

For the next funding cycle, the SAB developed the following specific recommendations for COEC:
1) maintain existing relationships with current American Indian communities,
2) strengthen interactions with other American Indian communities where it is an appropriate extension of on-going projects,
3) concentrate efforts on programs that can be sustained in the long term,
4) continue to provide summaries of SWEHSC expertise for dissemination in print, on the website, and to be translated into information displays..

The chair of the SAB is the Deputy Director of the Center, Dr Clark Lantz, who reports to the SWEHSC Management Team and to the SWEHSC EAB at their annual meeting.

The fourteen members of the SAB are:
• R. Clark Lantz, Ph.D. SWEHSC Deputy Director, Chairman
• Fred Brinker, M.S. Tucson International Airport Area Superfund Site
• Susanna Brodie-Herndon SWEHSC Administration
• Jefferey Burgess, Ph.D. SWEHSC Environmental Lung Diseases Research Focus Group
• Margaret Cook, M.S. Department of Environmental Quality, Gila River Indian Community
• Walter Doyle, Ph.D. UA Collaborative for Community Engagement and Outreach
• Carlos Gonzales, M.D. UA College of Medicine and Director of Indians into Medicine Program
• Beth Gorman Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
• Walt Klimecki, Ph.D. SWEHSC Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core
• Patricia Hoyer, Ph.D. SWEHSC Exposure, Fate, and Disposition Research Focus Group
• Kathy Prather, Ed.M. Career and Technical Education, Tucson Unified School District
• Dan Quintanar Tucson Water
• Teshia Solomon, Ph.D. Native American Research and Training Center
• Theodore Tong, Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy PharmCamp and Poison Center

COEC Specific External Advisory Board

In addition to the Stakeholder Advisory Board, the Director of COEC has also established a COEC External Advisory Board (COEC EAB).

This board provides an independent assessment of the COEC programs and progress. In addition, the External Board provides input to COEC related to the goals and objectives outlined by the Stakeholder Board. Each of the members of the External Board has expertise in Outreach activities. Members include:

• Ann Backus, M.S., Harvard, expertise in American Indian outreach, professional development, and publications,
• Robin Fuchs-Young, Ph.D., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, expertise in community outreach, teacher professional development, and grant writing ability, and
• Naomi Hirsch, M.S., Oregon State University, expertise in professional development and digital information dissemination.