Collaboration of SWEHSC Investigators with Outreach

90% of SWEHSC scientists have participated in one or more outreach initiative.Collaboration

  • Presentations for Professional Development Sessions & Community Events – members present their research in a variety of pubic settings for professional, educational, and public stakeholders.
  • Expertise for Materials Development – members, and their graduate students, contribute to outreach materials and evaluate materials developed by outreach staff.
  • Scientist Profiles – members are interviewed about their research and portrayed on the SWEHSC website, with the goal of introducing the public to EHS research, to give high school student interns information about possible investigators to request for internships, and to promote trust of the scientists as researchers and people.
  • Graduate Student Contributions To Outreach – mentor high school student research interns, present at outreach activities, contribute to outreach materials, while learning about working in community settings.
  • Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) – members participate in a bi-directional experience, advise COEC staff, and learn about community concerns directly.
  • Seminars for High School Student Interns – members introduce toxicology and environmental health as well as present an overview of their research and inspire students to explore EHS as a career path.
  • Provide Projects for High School Student Internships – members host high school students as research interns, providing research projects and valuable mentoring experiences for their graduate students.