KEYS Internship High School StudentThe COEC offers a number of internship opportunities, for high school students, for undergraduates, and for graduate and professional students. The focus of these projects is improvement of environmental health literacy among the general public.

KEYS High School Student Research Internships

 School students are given opportunities to intern in SWEHSC environmental health research laboratories, through the KEYS Summer High School Student Research Internships. For more about that project visit

College Student Internships

Interns from the School of Information Resources and Library Science and the School of Public Health, are involved with the outreach initiatives. Examples of projects include:

  • EH education and literacy projects
  • Information walk creation and delivery
  • Community outreach to Hispanic and American Indian communities
  • Web design and development, virtual resource development, & virtual reference
  • Print materials collection assessment and development
  • Cataloging and dissemination of COEC resources

To inquire about doing an internship with the Community Outreach Core please contact Marti Lindsey, Outreach Director, at 520-626-3692,

Examples of Environmental Public Health Internships

Environmental Health Assessment Internship

The goal of the internship is to develop an Environmental Health Needs Assessment about Arizona (AZ EH Needs Assessment). This project will prioritize the hazards(s) of concern and be disseminated on the SWEHSC website. This tool will describe the hazards of concern for the Superfund sites across the state, the demographics of the communities in the immediate area, the schools, health care settings, libraries in those areas, community organizations for COEC collaboration, possible locations for public events and school based activities, and descriptions of other exposures in the area from TOXMAP and other databases and resources. It will help the COEC describe the specific issues that are particular to the arid southwest, a major focus of SWEHSC research.

Environmental Health Outreach Internships

The Intern will assist the Outreach Director in implementation of outreach events to be held in Tribal and other communities Some planning, formative evaluation, additional planning, and summative evaluation will be included in the internship tasks

Examples of Student Librarian Internships

Collection Development and Cataloging Internship

The learning objective of this project will be collection assessment, cataloging, and development of Environmental Health informational content. This will be done in the resource center of the SWEHSC Outreach Core developing the multi media collection and the catalog, which uses the Library software. The goal is to make the catalog available online to teachers who use the SWEHSC lessons. This learning objective will provide a valuable real life experience of collection assessment, cataloging and development of resources that can not be learned in the classroom.

Web Reference Development Internship

The learning objective of the project will be to develop pathfinder resources for the Environmental Health website and assist with web design. This work will be done by finding and evaluating resources for appropriateness. The information will then be made available by the organization’s website. Topics for the pathfinders will be decided upon over the internship period