Risky Business

In this lesson students learn about risk and risk perception. The activity has been used with middle school and high school students as well as community college students and adults in professional development.

The objectives of the lesson are:

  • Learn the difference between risk and risk perception
  • Apply your understanding of risk to  real world scenarios 
  • Understand how public health uses risk to  protect communities and the environment 

The materials are:

A powerpoint presentation to use to guide student through an activity to build their understanding of the concepts and to help them get a good grasp of the importance of understanding risk and communicating about risk.

Teacher Instructions for the Risky Business activity.

Teacher Notes for the Risky Business activity

An anotated bibliography about risk perception.

Student Instructions for the Risky Buiness activity.

A worksheet for the students to keep track of their decisions and to then reflect on those decisions.

Materials needed:

Product  Location Quantity Price
Opaque Plastic Cup  Amazon 50 count $6.97
Masking Tape Amazon 10 count $12.99
Pens Amazon 36 count $7.86
Red Beads Amazon Depends on Class size $14.99*
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* Mixed colors - 1800 beads