Paul Sheppard

Research Focus Group Membership: 
Research Focus Group 1
  • Ph.D. Geosciences, Dendrochronology, University of Arizona
  • M.S. Natural Resources, Forest Science, Cornell University
  • B.S. Forest Management, Humboldt State University, California
  • A.S. General Education, Long Beach City College
College Affiliations: 
  • Associate Professor, Dendrochronology
  • Associate Professor, Public Health
  • Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development


Research Interests: 

Dr. Sheppard uses tree rings to reconstruct environmental conditions of the past and/or to monitor modern-day environmental change

Environmental Health Research & Expertise: 

The existence of multiple, concurrent clusters of childhood leukemia (e.g., Fallon, Nevada; Sierra Vista, Arizona; and Calvine-Florin, California) is a unique research opportunity: Is there any environmental issue held in common by these places that might be linkable to leukemia? Trees associated with the clusters have been sampled and measured in order to monitor temporal changes in urban settings. Dendrochemistry of trees in Fallon indicates that tungsten increased there in the mid 1990s, about the time of onset of the cluster of childhood leukemia in Fallon. This research has included other data types, including soil, inhalable dust, and even lichens. Results from all data types confirm that airborne tungsten is high in Fallon relative to that of other Nevada towns or the outlying desert in general.