Donna Zhang

Pilot studies examining cinnamon-based Nrf2 activation targeting arsenic-impairment of skin wound healing

The Pilot Project was designed to generate strong preliminary experimental evidence in human skin reconstructs and mouse skin to confirm the feasibility of cutaneous Nrf2 upregulation using topical cinnamaldehyde (CA) and to support CA-based suppression of photocarcinogenesis in a SKH1-Nrf2 wild type mouse model. Data indicate that CA causes a Keap1-C151-dependent increase in the Nrf2 half-life via blockage of ubiquitination with upregulation of a broad panel of cytoprotective Nrf2 target genes and elevation of cellular glutathione.

Donna Zhang, Ph.D.

Donna Zhang, PhD. was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri at Columbia and was recruited to UA in August 2005. Dr. Lau serves as her faculty mentor. Additionally, Donna is mentored by Drs.


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