R. Clark Lantz

Dietary arsenic species exposure, metabolism, and toxicity

Substantial gaps exist in our knowledge of exposure and in our understanding of the metabolism, dose, and toxicity of diverse arsenic compounds in foods. The goal of this Pilot Project was to determine the acute alterations in metabolism and toxicity of arsenicals ingested in foods in humans and mice. In the current mouse study, arsenic metabolism and biomarker expression was investigated and the elements of organ-specific metabolism were evaluated.

Equipment and Training for Enhanced Pulmonary Function Testing in Mice

The overall objective of this research was to determine the mechanism by which arsenic alters Club (formerly Clara) cell protein (CC16) production and the role of induced CC16 in altering lung structure and function following early life exposure to arsenic. Drs. Lantz and Chen recently identified a set of proteins, mostly markers of systemic inflammation, whose serum levels were strongly related to exposure to cigarette smoking and impaired lung function.


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