Yin Chen

Lung Microbiome and Arsenic Exposure

Environmental Arsenic (As) exposure causes non-malignant lung diseases such as COPD and bronchiectasis. Both pathologies have been associated with the infectious etiology. Recently, a lung microbiome study provides evidence that a particular bacterial phylum is associated with severe COPD. Based on Dr. Rogelio recio Vega's data, the kids exposed to high arsenic containing drinking water had high incidence of infection. In our preliminary study, As repressed airway major mucin expression both in vivo and in vitro.

UA Science Internship Pairs High School Students, Research Mentors

Each year many SWEHSC researchers host high school students in their laboratories. Facility managers assits them process their samples and understand their data. SWEHSC members teach them about toxicology and environmental health. The program was designed by the SWEHSC Outreach Core and is conducted in collaboration with the BIO5 Instutue. Read more about this year's program


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