Mission Statement

The Proteomics Core provides SWEHSC investigators with systematic analysis of proteins, for identity, quantity and function using state-of-the-art mass spectrometric measurements coupled to innovative biochemical tools and techniques.


  • We work with the guise of the Arizona Proteomics Consortium to better instruct, manage and serve proteomics efforts on campus, especially in environmental health.
  • The Arizona Proteomics Consortium brings together various proteomics resources at the University of Arizona.
  • We have a long standing partnership with the Arizona Cancer Center in terms of resource sharing and financial support.
  • In 2006, the BIO5 Institute of the University of Arizona and the Department of Chemistry joined this partnership by providing additional proteomics expertise, resources and laboratory space.

Proteomics Development

For SWEHSC members, instrumentation for proteomics development purposes exists in the College of Pharmacy location. We also have 3000 sq ft of new laboratory space in the Keating Building of the BIO5 Institute. This additional much-needed space houses most of the new proteomics hardware acquired in 2006 by the Proteomics Core. It allows for further growth of the existing and established facility.