Proteotools is a website,, which hosts a collection of web based tools and downloadable Windows applications for doing proteomic and related work.

Components of new site for Proteomics


Cleaver is a tool for digesting amino acid sequences and generating a list of peptides in FASTA format.


imgtool is a Windows application that converts ANALYZE 7.5 files to text so they may be imported into MATLAB.


IonGen is a Windows application for generating b and y ions for peptides with and without modifications.


MzxmlMerge is a Java application for merging all the mzXML files in a directory into a singel file called merged.mzXML.


P-Mod is a Windows application for generating theoretical scans and comparing them with experimental data to find statistically probable matches.


SALSA is a Windows application for searching Mass Spec experiment data using various methods.


SpecPlot is a Windows application for plotting spectra and annotation of b and y ions, singly and doubly charged ions and various loss ions.

Proteotools was written by Sean Davey.