Members of the Arizona Proteomics Consortium are actively engaged in teaching proteomics technology to University of Arizona students and researchers. Researchers are taught one-on-one, in workshop groups, and in formal classroom environments.

Graduate students whose research includes protein studies by mass spectrometry and proteomics techniques are trained and can work in one of the Proteomics laboratories under the supervision of personnel experienced in protein preparation, gel separations, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics techniques.

Proteomics methods and theory are taught to Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Associates and Faculty in a number of workshops taught by George Tsaprailis, Director, and/or Linda Breci, Associate Director of the Proteomics Consortium. Workshops include:

  • 1-day proteomics workshop offered three times per semester
  • 2-day proteomics component of a summer mass spectrometry workshop
  • 3-day intensive hands-on proteomics workshop sponsored by the Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Proteomics personnel also teach components of Undergraduate and Graduate Courses such as a 2-day lab course to Undergraduate Biochemical Techniques Lab, and a 50% component of a Graduate class in Pharmacology and Toxicology; and they provide guest lectures on these topic to courses in a variety of departments.