Diabetes Information Fair at the Gila River Indian Community: November 21, 2008

SWEHSC graduate students help prepare Diabetes and the Environment information walk and attend the fair

In preparation for the fair the student of Dr Vaillancourt, Ingrid Druwe, provided information and graphics for the creation of the information walk, from arsenic research in the Vaillancourt laboratory. She helped the outreach director select other information to include in the walk.

Graduate student, Mike Kimzey and clinical fellow, Hussein Yassine, MD, from the laboratory of Dr Lau (Center Director and RFG3 member), attended the event, answered questions, and talked with staff at the Dialysis Center in Sacaton, AZ, on the Gila River Indian Community. Over two hundred people attended the fair and about fifteen took information. Those who stopped at the information walk were interested in the connections between diabetes and arsenic.