Personal exposure measurement device development

Relevance to SWEHSC: 

Studies in environmentally-exposed populations frequently suffer from poorly estimated individual exposures. Estimates such as average duration-weighted exposure levels are blunt instruments that obscure the sizeable fraction of individual exposures that deviate from the average.

Cluster of Efforts: 

Investigators/Funding: Tao (RFG1), Gandolfi (RFG1) ES010606

   Nongjian Tao            

  • This project aims to design and build a wearable personal monitoring device that updates exposure levels to a database via a Bluetooth connection to the user's cell phone.
  • Prototype built that reliably measures benzene levels and transmits them through Bluetooth connection.
  • Minimal interference from humidity and perfumes.
  • Dr. Tao has established collaborations with SWEHSC colleagues in the College of Public Health (Drs. Burgess and Beamer, RFG 2), resulting in a recently submitted collaborative grant to NIOSH to utilize this system to assess exposures to volatile pollutants for emergency workers. ES010606