Drs. Vercelli & Snyder Collaborate on Asthma Protection in a Farm Environment

Relevance to SWEHSC: 

A novel approach to the identification of asthma-protective environmental products from US farms.

Cluster of Efforts: 

During the past year, Dr. Vercelli engaged in an intense collaboration with SWEHSC member Dr. Shane Snyder on an EH project that aims at defining the compounds responsible for asthma protection in a farm environment and the underlying mechanisms. This collaboration, initially supported by a 2014 Pilot Project Award () to Drs. Vercelli and Snyder, led to the submission of a joint application to Johnson & Johnson, which has shown great interest in the translational potential of this project. The 2-year project (Asthma-protective mechanisms in the airways) and its budget were approved by the scientific arm of the company and discussions are now ongoing about details of the funding process. 


Part of the preliminary data generated through the Pilot Project award supported Dr. Vercelli’s R01HL124988-01A1 submission titled "Differential Impact of US Farming Environments on Mechanisms of Asthma Risk".

MPIs: Ober, Vercelli; to be reviewin in March 2015