A Student's Journey FAQ


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When is the first day for the 5 week long internship? 
The first day for A Student's Journey in 2020 will start on Monday, July 6th and conclude on Friday, August 7th. 
What does a typical day as an intern look like? 
Once Week 1 is over, interns will be at their internship site Monday through Thursday for 25 hours and rejoin the group at the end of the day for dinner. Each Friday will be a seminar day for all interns, excusing them from their internship site. Week 1 will be an orientation to Tucson and the University of Arizona.  
Where will I be staying for 5 weeks? 
We will provide campus housing for all interns at a UA dormatory. University dormatories include a full kitchen for meal preparation. (Dormatory TBA) 
Where will my internship placement be? 
You will be placed depending on your academic/career interests. We will be as flexible as possible to pair you with a UA faculty member in your area of interest. For example, if you're interested in nursing or medicine, you may be placed with a faculty member at Banner Hospital or in a research lab. 
Will this college credit transfer? 
Yes, this program will provide 3 units of transferable credit. 
More information will be available in 2020.