The SWEHSC plays an important role in stimulating collaborative interactions among researchers. This is evidenced by a significant number of new, funded research projects, as well as a notable number of planned initiatives involving collaborations. The SWEHSC promotes and enhances collaborative research within and between the members through Research Focus Groups.

The themes of the three Research Focus Groups are seen below:

Cardiovascular Disorders

High exposure levels to Arsenic have been correlated with cardiovascular birth defects in newborn babies.  This particular project examines the effect of in utero (still in the womb) Arsenic exposures in rodents and their cardiovascular development.

  • Pregnant mice were exposed to 10ppb-100ppb concentrations of arsenite (AsO3-3). 

Zelieann Craig, Ph.D

 Dr. Zelieann R. Craig is an Assistant Professor in the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  Dr. Craig received her Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Microbiology from the University of  Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in 2004 and her Ph.D. in Physiological Sciences from the University of Arizona in 2009.    Dr.


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