TCE: Contamination & Clean Up Curriculum

The TCE Contamination And Clean-Up Curriculum Learning Cycle: 
A Constructivist Approach


A BACKWARDS DESIGN Curriculum Development Approach

   TCE CONTAMINATION                                                                     AND CLEAN-UP CURRICULUM

  • Begin by identifying the desired results like your standards or goals.
  • The curriculum develops critical awareness about TCE using an integrated approach within grades 9-12 science, social studies, and language arts curriculum
  • Determine what would be acceptable evidence to arrive at your goal. Identify performances that would help the students arrive there.
  • Using a constructivist approach to education and a process that culminates in projects that challenge students to create community outreach materials or activities
  • In order to arrive to the goal, plan appropriate learning experiences and instructions (the Lessons & Practices)
  • Use the learning cycle to arrive at enduring understandings of the big ideas introduced at the onset of each set of lessons

The TCE Contamination and Cleanup Curriculum (TCE CCC) were written from a constructivist perspective. Constructivist learning encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills by initiating their own inquiries of the topic to be learned based on their own prior knowledge. This is achieved through supportive guidance and hands-on problem solving that challenges them to construct their research and communication (oral and written) experiences in order to make logical and critical connections to the topic.