Approaches to Improving Health literacy: lessons from the field.

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Davis TC, Gazmararian J, Kennen EM.
Publication Date: 
Friday, February 23, 2007
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The authors believed that there may be important lessons from organizations that are addressing low health literacy that is not published in peer-reviewed literature. To gather information on approaches to health literacy in federal agencies and other public and private sector organizations in the United States, they developed a 5-minute, 15-question, web-based survey. Information collected included: whether health literacy is considered in program development and service activities, the degree to which organizations follow health literacy principles in their programs, target audience(s) for activities, whether organizations pilot test materials for comprehension or cultural competence, evaluation of materials, which activities people associate with health literacy, and lessons learned. Results indicate that there is currently not a clear strategy to engage federal health agencies and other health organizations in systematically addressing health literacy issues. They also found that individual interest in health literacy may trigger the beginning of institutional policy at the state government level. (Martin, J. 2013)