Empowerment education: the link between media literacy and health promotion.

Author Name: 
Lynda J. Bergsma
Publication Date: 
Thursday, August 26, 2004
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Powerlessness is a key risk factor for disease, emphasizing the role of the social environment in determining the health of individuals. Within a framework of media literacy and health promotion for youth, this article reviews the literature establishing that population health and well-being are intimately tied to, and consequences of, power and powerlessness, and that empowerment education is an effective model for achieving personal and social change. A comparison of the components of the empowerment education constructs of Freire, public health, and media literacy establishes the pedagogical links between public health and media literacy. An analysis and comparison of the sociopolitical systemic challenges that confront media literacy and public health in the United States suggests the need advocates to work together to achieve empowerment education. (Martin, J. 2013)