. Environmental and occupational exposures and serum PCB concentrations and patterns among Mohawk men at Akwesasne

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Fitzgerald, E. F., Hwang, S. A., Gomez, M., Bush, B., Yang, B. Z. and Tarbell, A.
Publication Date: 
Saturday, July 7, 2007
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Data in this article suggests an interesting idea, that the part of the Mohawk male population in New York, who did not eat much fish because they lived away from the river at the mountainous Raquette Point area, yet had strong PCB exposure through the air pollution that the Mohawk at lower elevations did not, still had a far less indication of PCB in their bloodstream. This article intends to prove that heavy fish consumption is a more potent transfer for PCB than air pollution in the bloodstream. Readers who would like to judge for themselves the severity of various types of pollution should read this article to discover more about their health.